Speaking in Tech: Right, he's smacked the journos. Now Trump's called the techies in...

Plus: Visual Basic in 21 days?

We're here to talk about my plan to take away Isis's password.


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This week on our techcast, Mark Twomey (aka Storagezilla) joins Greg, Ed and Peter to discuss cloud boomerangs, Donald Trump, coding schools and mobile markets.

The details…

  • (0:00) Storagezilla returns!
  • (1:08) Digging in on big changes at Dell
  • (6:20) Flight attendants and phones
  • (9:20) Texts from Ed
  • (10:48) Tech leaders run to Trump
  • (14:05) Notification hell
  • (18:48) Survey: 62% return from cloud
  • (29:12) Cloud computers… for developers
  • (35:27) The failure of coding schools
  • (41:04) Fair Air
  • (46:18) Zilla’s movie recommendations

Listen with the Reg player below, or download here.

Speaking in Tech: Episode

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