Polycom CEO Peter Leav jumps to the same job at BMC

Current BMC CEO Bob Beauchamp to hang around on the board

BMC Software has a new CEO: Peter Leav has won the role, and that of president, after leaving Polycom where he had the same two titles for the past three years.

Leav's also done time at NCR and Motorola, the latter as corporate veep and GM of the company‘s enterprise business.

Current CEO Bob Beauchamp will stay on as chairman of the Board and, the canned blurb about the appointments says, “will play a key role going forward.”

Beauchamp also praised Leav as “an established technology CEO with deep industry expertise who will work closely with our strong management team to lead BMC forward in the years ahead. BMC customers, partners and employees will all benefit with Peter at the helm.”

The canned statement also includes quotes from Bain Capital Private Equity, the firm that helped take BMC private in 2013.

Beauchamp spent the ensuing years re-organising BMC and jumping on the cloud/social/mobile bandwagon and installing new leaders.

A promised raft of new products included a rebranding of established data centre inventory tools. That exercise was conducted in the name of pursuing “Digital Enterprise Management”, the company's verbiage for its effort to pull off its old tricks on the new kit businesses are using in these cloudier times.

Leav gets the job of making that plan work for customers and, perhaps more importantly, the company's private equity masters who often get itchy to do more than make interest repayments on their investments after three or four years.

Polycom's removed Leav from its “Leadership” web page but at the time of writing its various online organs are silent about the company's plan to fill his chair. ®

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