Cloud Velox sends advance parties to make the cloud feel like home

Network lifter-and-shifter automates cloud migrations

The vendor formerly know as CloudVelocity, since contracted to CloudVelox, has emitted code to lift and shift networks from your bit barn to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The thinking here is that when you migrate an application to the cloud it's best if the network it's set up to use comes along for the ride, because otherwise the migration will require some painful re-building work to get the job done. But CloudVelox thinks not many folks have taken a shine to AWS' networking or acquired the skills to build really complex networks up there in Bezos' cut-price bit barns.

Hence the addition of “automated cloud network customization capability” to the new version of the company's One Hybrid Cloud product. Screw the lid off this one and it'll peer into your networks, conduct an inventory of all the nets, subnets, IP addresses and other configurations, then grab Amazon's APIs and rebuild that network without you having to wrap your brain around Amazonian networking.

Once you've got all that done, the expectation is that VMs you migrate to AWS feel right at home almost immediately, thanks to the work of the advance networking party.

VMware already offers this kind of stuff with its NSX network virtualisation product, but for in environments with VMware at both the on-premises and cloud ends. CloudVelox reckons it can make this all work with whatever you have on-premises and with apps that are virtualised or enjoying the elbow room of bare metal.

The capabilities described above appear in the new version 3.0 of CloudVelox's One Hybrid Cloud. Next year the company plans a further release to add Microsoft's Azure as a lift-and-shift target. ®

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