Dell plotting something touchy-feely on 'Canvas'

Files trademarks for 'interactive touch screen computer interfaces'

Dell's applied for the US trademarks “Canvas” and “Dell Canvas”, both covering “Interactive touch screen computer interfaces”.

So what's it up to? The Register reckons the most obvious candidate is something to do with its Surface Hub competitor, the model C7017T 70-inch Interactive Conference Room Monitor, as that's the most prominent touchy-feely Dell product to have emerged of late. Dell also has touch-screen monitors: a slick interface could transform them into ... use your imagination, people!

But of course “Interactive touch screen computer interfaces” could also apply to tablets or two-in-one PCs with detachable tablet screens. It's hard to see how slapping an interface on those adds much value though: Windows and Android have that covered and there's precious little money in Android launchers.

A phone perhaps? Dell's tried phones before, without enormous success. And we know the consumer phone business just doesn't yield profits to anyone other than Apple, Samsung and probably Huawei.

Might there be a VMware angle? Virtzilla has previously coveted a phone it can control, in order to offer a more secure and controlled remote application publishing environment. And we know Dell now registers some trademarks VMware uses.

Whatever's cooking we'll try to sample it if it emerges into view. ®

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