Google gently leads Intel into its cloud: This is for your own good

All is well, rejoice, rejoice, let's get into the white 'n' fluffy

Google, photo by lightpoet via Shutterstock
Google has deepened its alliance with Intel over cloud. Pic: Shutterstock

Intel has caved to Google pressure over data centre silicon and has joined hands with Mountain View to fly you into the white and fluffy cloud of everyone else's enterprise future.

"We've worked closely with Intel for years on data centre processor technology, and are now expanding our collaboration to help enterprise customers move from legacy infrastructure to an open, secure and future-proof cloud," said Google.

The freshly announced alliance between Chipzilla and Mountain View is intended to "explore technology solutions for our enterprise customers in the areas of Kubernetes, machine learning, IoT and security," the idea being to combine Google software with Intel hardware.

A month ago, Google was dropping hints that it might start looking to Intel rival IBM for chips to power its data centres, as much to avoid a monopoly supplier situation as anything else.

Google's container platform Kubernetes will be further optimised for Intel architecture, with the cloud being further optimised for machine learning and Internet of Things apps, as well as security integrations.

The alliance is aimed at getting reluctant businesses to sign up for cloud services – or, as many sceptical refuseniks keep saying, to put their critical data on to someone else's computers.

A couple of months ago Kubernetes version 1.4 was released. Despite similarities with Docker, "points of view in the Docker community and the Kubernetes community on how containers should be run have been diverging," according to Brandon Philips of CoreOS.

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