Ransomware repulsion regimes revealed!

LogRhythm Webinar explains how to respond to the evolving ransomware threat

Promo Ransomware is a type of malware that sees criminals make your critical business data inaccessible by encrypting it and throwing away the decryption key … until you pay them a ransom.

Ransomware is pervasive, evolving fast and hard to combat, not least because the criminals who spread it often take your money without decrypting your data.

That's bad news for business, and worse news for IT pros called on to sort things out at night or over the weekend.

In this webinar, Register readers have the chance to hear from LogRhythm Labs' chief information security officer James Carder and manager of threat intelligence and incident response Ryan Sommers. Together, these two experts will explain:

  • How to detect ransomware
  • How to automate your defences against ransomware
  • Procedures and processes that will help you to combat ransomware

To view for this webinar, click here. ®

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