Musk: Got best battery ever

Tesla and SpaceX supremo Elon Musk has been waxing lyrical again about his upcoming plans – this time about a battery cell that he claims will be the "best and cheapest in the world."

Talking to analysts this week, the Tesla CEO said the new 2170 battery cell will be manufactured in partnership with Panasonic at the Gigafactory in Nevada.

By "best battery cell in the world", Musk said he meant "best energy density in the world." The battery is supposed to become available in the next few weeks so people will be keen to test his claim. People are skeptical – usually you can get high density or low cost, but not both.

Even though Tesla and Musk continue to amaze people with what is capable with battery-powered electric cars, they are not infallible. Musk talked in wildly positive terms about his Powerwall home batteries and then became very prickly when it was pointed out they could barely boil a kettle. Even with doubled power, it still doesn't match the hype. ®

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