Speaking in Tech: Worst OpenStack summit ever?

Plus: Dell EMC World, US election banter, and more

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This week Ed Saipetch returns with Greg Knieriemen to discuss Dell EMC World and OpenStack conferences as well as news from CenturyLink, Microsoft and Apple. Melissa Gurney has a field report with game developer Greg Heath of Motiga Games to discuss Gigantic.

The details...

  • (1:00) Eddie in Lederhosen
  • (3:13) Dell EMC World recap
  • (7:50) Word from Sarah
  • (8:40) Podcast Idol mop-up
  • (9:50) US Elections
  • (13:15) OpenStack Barcelona recap
  • (20:40) CenturyLink to make big buy of Level 3
  • (24:54) Microsoft open sources cloud rack and it’s not hyper-converged
  • (29:50) Open Compute Project progress
  • (31:15) Will cloud companies build their own gear?
  • (33:54) Apple's Touch Bar vs Microsoft's Surface Dial
  • (39:45) USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 nightmare
  • (46:17) Melissa Gurney's field report with Greg Heath
  • (48:16) Complexities of game programming
  • (50:03) Motiga acquired by Perfect World
  • (53:10) Gigantic goes BIG

Listen with the Reg player below, or download here.

Speaking in Tech: Episode 235

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