First World Problems: John Lewis clients forced to re-register after website 'upgrade'

Phone staff overwhelmed by middle-class complaints

Cartoon - Private SNAFU

Customers of John Lewis Financial Services in the UK are still being forced to re-register for the service after a "recent website upgrade" accidentally downgraded the service.

John Lewis Finance tried to migrate its online platform a fortnight ago, but is still experiencing "teething issues" leaving customers fearing they had been scammed.

Communication regarding the new site was not especially forthcoming when it was launched, and when it required existing customers to register a new login many feared they were being targeted by criminals.

So widespread were concerns about the markedly middle-class retailer's financial service that its call centres were subsequently flooded, leaving concerned customers without any answers to their questions beyond that the service was experiencing "extremely high levels" of work.

One customer told The Register they had received "no correspondence from them". They managed to leave a message on the site, "but they haven't answered".

A spokesman for John Lewis informed The Register: "As part of the recent website upgrade, existing customers are required to register a new login, which they can do online by visiting"

Some customers have encountered problems registering as they have been using old servicing details, which has prevented them from gaining access.

To help with registration and to support customers in using all areas of their online account we are continuing to update the customer Q&A on the website home page on a regular basis.

We would like to apologise to customers who have faced delays in getting through to our Customers Services team by phone.

We have experienced a high volume of calls and our team has also been spending longer talking to customers to ensure they are comfortable using their new card and online account.

"We would like to thank customers for their patience and assure them we have increased the size of the team to help reduce wait times," the spokesman added. ®

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