Avira debuts freebie VPN

Avira began bundling VPN technology with the latest edition of its security scanner suite.

Avira's Free Security Suite (FSS), released on Tuesday, combines free antivirus (with protection against ransomware) with Phantom VPN, System Speedup, and Browser Safety technologies. Consumer VPN technology normally comes with a paid subscription.

Arch-rival Avast recently closed a deal to buy AVG, making it by far the bigger player in the freebie scanner stakes. Avira is going all-in by offering Phanton VPN to consumers free of charge in order to retain and grow its customer base and hope that a proportion will upgrade to paid-for services. The basic VPN only protects up to 1GB of traffic a month.

In addition to guarding against snooping, VPN technology allows surfers to access region-locked content. ®

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