India/Russia tech pact

India and Russia have agreed to establish a joint “Science and Technology Commission.”

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi announced the commission at the conclusion of the BRICs summit, a get-together of leaders from Brazil, India, Russia and China.

The event saw Russia and India announce deeper ties around civil use of nuclear energy and a plan to explore a gas pipeline between the two nations. This plan looks fanciful: India and Russia don't share a border so a pipeline would have to pass through either China, via the Himalayas, or through Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan and the disputed zone of Kashmir. India and Pakistan both claim Kashmir, but at the summit Modi called Pakistan “the mothership of terrorism”. Which won't do anything to cool tensions between the two nations, or make it easier to place a pipeline through Kashmir.

Few details of the new Commission have been revealed beyond Modi's statement that “Through this our societies will reap the benefits of joint development, transfer and sharing of cutting edge technologies in different fields.” ®

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