Fancy a hand with disasters?

All-flash and hybrid array vendor Tintri has synchronous replication coming.

The feature is intended to simplify disaster recovery from failed VMs on a Tintri VMstore array. It can be set up in minutes by an IT generalist and offers zero-minute recovery point objectives (RPO) with single-click failover for individual virtual machines. Tintri says there are near-zero Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) as low as 30 seconds or less for planned and manual failovers. There is support for inter-data centre network distances up to 200 km and the replication can be bi-directional, where primary VMs and replica (secondary) VMs can be distributed on each array, enabling flexible failover of individual applications without requiring failover of the entire array. Sync and asynch replication can be current on the same array and there are real-time analytics available for sync' replication. There is no need to purchase and configure additional hardware such as FCIP converters or SAS switches. ®

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