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Speaking in Tech #231 - Melissa

This week Ed Saipetch is back this week with Podcast Idol Melissa Gurney from Dell EMC. Our special guest this week is Erin Banks, Big Data & Analytics Marketing Director at Dell EMC. The trio discuss Big Data, Nutanix IPO, FPGA’s, DDOS and other nerd acronyms.

The details:

  • (0:00) Meeting Melissa
  • (3:28) Introducing Special Guest Erin Banks
  • (4:54) Strata + Hadoop World recap
  • (9:25) Big Data and high school sex
  • (22:00) Nutanix successful IPO
  • (26:45) Azure’s hardware-defined cloud
  • (35:40) IoT hammers DDOS targets
  • (43:15) The passion of the pups

Listen with the Reg player below, or download here.

Speaking in Tech: Episode

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