Psst. Need some spy-on-employees tech? Ask Oriium

For when you really fancy poring through that 'hidden' folder

IPExpo Yorkshire-based "IT solutions" firm Oriium was hawking its CX:inSync spy-on-your-employees platform at ITExpo Europe today.

Its cx:inSync product is sold as an endpoint device management solution. Its big selling point is the ability for network admins to implement deduplicated backups of end-user devices.

Bundled with that is the ability for network admins to see the location of devices such as smartphones and tablets and even remotely brick them.

One of its biggest selling features, as explained to El Reg's roving reporter at IPExpo today, is the ability to implement network-wide security filtering policies.

Let's say you're a company worried about the exfiltration of credit card numbers or home addresses from your company network by rogue employees. cx:inSync can be set up to scan through every single text file on your users' mobes, fondleslabs and laptops, using the backups on your server to avoid hammering your users' remote data connections.

The backend displays to the admin user what files on the remote device are infringing pre-set security policies. The policies can also be user-defined; essentially they're a bunch of search strings.

When an infringing file is detected by cx:inSync the sysadmin can quarantine it or open it for inspection. It can then be marked in the cx:inSync backend as having been dealt with. Oriium only sells through the channel, we were told.

During the brief product demo at their stand, El Reg didn't see any image files shown - but plenty of Word documents and PDFs. It's probably a great solution for companies that don't trust any of their employees an inch - and a right nightmare for BYOD users. ®

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