Microsoft will let you pass and fail cert exams at the same time

Upgrade tests no longer require you to pass all components, for the sake of balance

Microsoft has made a change to the way it marks re-certification exams, removing the requirement to pass all components of a test. The new regime means you'll pass the exam even if you fail some components.

The changes has been made for “a variety of psychometric and practical reasons,” writes Redmond's Psychometrician Liberty Munson, who goes on to say it will enable “a more reliable assessment of your skills”.

“Because of the combined scoring, awesome performance in one component will compensate for poor performance in another component,” she writes, going on to explain that Redmond's current exams place too much weight on some components and therefore aren't always fair or accurate.

“Specifically, some component exams are providing more objectives that should be included in the upgrade process to truly measure continued competence in the content domain - there are more changes in those content spaces (component exams) that need to be assessed in the upgrade exam,” Munson writes. “If we left the scoring as it exists today, those components providing fewer objectives to the upgrade process would actually be 'weighted' more heavily in the final score.”

That ain't right and Microsoft wants the important components to have more weight. Hence the change.

The new regime starts for the new Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA: Windows Server 2016 exam, which you can do now with the Windows Server 2016 beta. All future exams will then adopt the new marking scheme. ®

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