Disney rollercoaster helps pop out kidney stones

We're not even taking the piss

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A study from Michigan State University has found that a ride on a rollercoaster is just the ticket for those needing help in passing a kidney stone.

More specifically, you need to get yourself to the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disney World Florida. And you need to sit at the back.

To verify their findings, the doctors took more than 60 rides on the ride clutching urine-filled devices containing kidney stones, or renal calculi. The study's findings were published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association.

The renal models were created by scanning the renal system of a renal calculi-forming patient. That information was passed to a 3D printer which created a cast of their renal system. The cast was then placed into a silicon block and removed. The block was then filled with urine and four kidney stones.

The study was sparked almost 10 years ago by patients reporting to the university that they had passed stones after taking the ride.

One lucky punter passed a stone three times after three consecutive rides on Big Thunder.

The study found that renal calculi were passed just four times out of 24 rides in the front seat. But sitting in the back pushed these figures up to 23 out of 46 times.

Rides containing quick drops and sharp turns are best for dislodging kidney stones. But there’s no need to exceed 40mph or go upside down.

Dr Wartinger explained his findings in video format:

Youtube Video


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