#Vodafail is BACK, with seven hours of 'try again later'

Must do better: still lagging Telstra in the TITSUP stakes

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Vodafone has moved to reassert its once-dominant position in the Australian network outage stakes, suffering a seven-hour TITSUP (Total Inability To Support Usual Performance) on Sunday evening, 25 September.

The company worked hard to put Vodafail behind it, after experiencing months of outages and SNAFUs in 2011 that cost it hundreds of thousands of customers. But shortly before 8pm on Sunday night, Australian time, the carrier responded to growing social media noise with acknowledgements something was wrong.

The acknowledgement came after two hours of user complaints, mostly variations on phones switching between logged into the network and “emergency calls only” status.

This morning, the company issued a statement attributing the outage to “a router issue” without further detail.

It says services were “progressively restored” from 10:45pm onwards.

At about 2:30am Monday morning, the company posted to Twitter that services were fully restored:

The Register reckons it's obvious. The issue was a bit-flip caused by cosmic radiation (Google cache, because Cisco's edited the original bug report). ®

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