Here's how to see Tim Cook or SatNad strut their starkers stuff

This is an appalling, disgusting, gut-wrenching abuse of technology

NSFW Ever wanted to see Apple CEO Tim Cook shaking his naked tush, or Satya Nadella bare a lot more flesh than he does at Microsoft conferences? Your wait is over, thanks to a nasty application of facial recognition software. has a new feature on its live cam sex site that allows people weirdoes to upload pics of someone they'd like to see in the buff, which are then matched with the closest representation out of 180,000 web sex workers.

“You are able to upload an image of a person you know and find a doppleganger cam performer,” the company boasted today, claiming it is the first sex website to utilise facial recognition in this way.

Apparently, smut addicts have that special someone in mind when they are surfing for porn but textual search can be unfulfilling. and applying the software is this way has more satisfying results.

Searches are based on race, age, hair – on the head and elsewhere – bust, figure, couples, tattoos and other things.

For the purposes of journalism, your reporter took a look and found no Brangelina lookalikes. What a surprise.

SFWish crop

A selection of the terrible things it throws up

Naturally, we just had to try it out with at least one properly well known character...

We had to try it

Paul O'Grady's wig is looking a bit greyer these days

Surely this isn’t the sort of use case that automated facial recognition pioneer Woody Bledsoe had in mind when he was developing tech to recognise human faces? A facial facial, so to speak.

These truly are the end times. ®

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