Dell stages SAP HANA love-in, squeezes out engineered system

World, meet the Dell EMC Validated System

Dell is all about engineered systems, or so its CEO Mickey D said recently, but actions speak louder than words and today the Texan infrastructure baron rolled out a box targeting firms running SAP HANA.

The Dell EMC Validated Systems for SAP HANA v.4.1 is an updated version of Dell’s ready-built system for scale-out deployments of SAP’s analytic database platform aimed at larger enterprises. This is based on the firm’s PowerEdge R930 server hardware, which was itself updated back in June with Intel’s latest Xeon E7 v4 processor family.

Dell EMC makes customary big claims that this is the “fastest server for running SAP workloads”, quoting benchmarks that rate it at 33,500 advanced navigation steps per hour with the SAP Business Warehouse Advance Mixed Load operating with 2 billion records.

Coming next month is the Dell EMC Validated System for SAP HANA Edge, a platform aimed at making it easier for smaller mid-market companies to operate data analytics. First detailed earlier this year at SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW event, this is delivered as a fully integrated appliance running SAP HANA Edge edition, advanced version and SAP Predictive Analytics.

Continuing the SAP love-in, Dell EMC also unveiled a reference architecture aimed at helping manufacturing firms to implement predictive maintenance regimes through analysis of operational data - essentially a use case for the Internet of things (IoT).

This reference architecture brings together Dell EMC’s Edge Gateway devices, sensors from ifm efector, and the Dell EMC Validated System for SAP HANA running SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service (PdMS), and is intended to cut operational costs through elimination of unnecessary maintenance and early diagnosis of any developing faults - that at least is the aim.

These latest announcements seem to show the newly forged Dell EMC is well aware that has to offer something beyond just hardware and software, and is moving to become a one-stop provider of ready-integrated solutions for its business customers.

As noted by The Register previously, this is a path already trodden by rival Oracle. The margins are better than on standard boxes and Dell needs as much margin as it can grab after the $63bn buy of EMC. ®

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