Cisco re-commits to VCE with a very public display of affection

Oi, Dell! Robbins! Get a room, will you please?

Dell EMC CEO Michael Dell and Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins have indulged in a very public display of affection for each other, at least so far as the two companies' collaboration in the VCE converged infrastructure company is concerned.

The Robbins-and-Dell-the-man video is full of scripted corp-speak, but the message is clear: Cisco will still be present in VCE kit even though Dell is a noted manufacturer of servers.

The video also re-confirms that Dell and Cisco will continue to partner in other areas. There's more than a little of a “don't panic” vibe about the video and accompanying blogs, at least for customers The deeper message seems to be that both companies find the other a useful route to market under some circumstances.

The Register imagines any arrangements that entangle the companies will therefore persist for as long as they are profitable, or don't get in the way of whatever once cheap non-volatile memory forces a rethink of server designs and of networks as hordes of data flow at RAM-like speeds. ®

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