Super Typhoon Meranti threatens Taiwan and China

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A colossal tropical storm called Super Typhoon Meranti is threatening Taiwan and China.

The storm is said to be the most powerful recorded on Earth this year thanks to winds expected to top 250km/h. About 50cm of rain is expected to fall in a day as the storm passes.

Previous storms of this magnitude resulted in thousands of deaths. The Register sincerely hopes that won't be the case on this occasion.

Taiwan, at least, seems set to escape the worst of the storm's wrath as it is projected to pass to the South of the island nation. The country's industrialised north should therefore not be badly impacted. But the nation's airports have closed and kids have been excused school. The Register imagines many businesses will given workers the day off.

Your correspondent has has visited Taiwan thrice to attend Computex and can report its main airport boasted quite the largest collection of cargo planes he's ever beheld. If they're all grounded for a day or more, and factories close, we can expect hiccups in global supply chains.

China's East coast is also home to plenty of tech manufacturing concerns and is also expected to cop days of heavy rain.

But of course people are more important than kit: here's hoping everyone in the storm's path stays safe. ®

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