Nominet overlord: Apply here

Nominet is looking for a new chairman or woman.

A job ad has appeared online for the company that runs the .uk registry, as well as a number of others, asking for applicants to the £80,000 Oxford-based job.

"We are looking for a Chair with the personal credibility and integrity commensurate with the task of leading Nominet through an ambitious new era," says the ad. "This is a high-profile, prestigious non-executive appointment requiring an outstanding record of achievement."

The current chair, Baroness Rennie Fritchie took the job six years ago, walking into a heated debate about the organization's future and its treatment of members. She helped keep the company intact, eventually getting rid its controversial CEO Lesley Cowley in 2014 and bringing in a new executive to run the company.

Although Fritchie succeeded in preventing an implosion, she was not a reformer and sought to maintain the status quo. Most recently she fought recommendations to reform Nominet's structure to make it more accountable. ®

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