UFC champ boards VMware

In a colossal non-surprise, Michael Dell has been elected chairman of VMware's board. Egon Durban's also won a seat: he's the managing partner and managing of Silver Lake, the private equity firm bankrolling plenty of Dell's investments.

Durban also sits on the board of UFC - yup, that the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the global martial arts outfit that makes professional wrestling look faked. Silver Lake also invests in a company called WME-IMG that acquired UFC earlier this year. So watch out, sales forces of rival companies: VMware's board can now call on serious muscle.

Joe Tucci, VMware's chairman of the board of directors since 2007, and John R. Egan, who's also been around since 2007, have resigned. Both have been copiously thanked for their services.

Nothing sinister here: just entirely expected post-Dell/EMC-acquisition moves. ®

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