Red-faced VESK scratches '100% uptime' claim after 2-day outage

'We were always going to delete it' blusters company mouthpiece

Power outage

The swagger has gone from hosted desktop and cloud purveyor VESK after its outage seven days ago forced it to remove the 100 per cent uptime claims on its website.

A failed hard disk in its Storage Access Network caused a “panic event” on 26 August, the business confirmed to customers early this week, taking down email services and certain instances hosted on the same platform.

Services were interrupted from lunchtime on the day and engineers worked on a fix into the small hours of the 27th.

Lydia Cooper, group marketing manager at VESK parent firm Nasstar Plc told us the company was “extremely sorry for the frustration caused” but claimed only a “small percentage of the user base” was affected.

She said “technical teams are doing all they can to ensure this problem doesn’t happen again but didn’t specify what actions were taken or why its redundancy wasn’t perhaps more resilient in the first instance.

VESK had previously gloated about the gilt-edged services provided. It told visitors to its website that customers had enjoyed 100 per cent uptime for the past 1,583 days.

Cooper told us it had “removed” the service availability claim but reckoned this was always on the cards anyway because the group is unifying branding around parent Nasstar.

“Prior to the recent issue, we had planned to move away from the 100% uptime messaging… in order to align the website with our new brand. We apologise if this message had conflicted with the experience that some of our clients may have received as a result of the recent event”. ®

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