What wedding cake would an engineer make? A LEGO one

A reader's tale of life, love and programmable robotics

Romance isn’t dead. Just ask a Reg-reading engineer who made his own wedding cake... from Lego.

Dan M approached his nuptials with sweetheart Rach in the way you’d expect any hard-nosed kick-ass uber-genius to.

“When I proposed to my (now wife) in January she started to plan everything in detail, asking for my opinion about lots of things that I didn’t know were things,” he told us.

Dan foolishly considered the “centre piece” of the big day – aside from the happy couple – would be the barrels of fine wines “slowly emptying” and chairs that “don’t normally need covers”.

As is traditional in such affairs, sensible discussions followed and “after much frustration” from the bride-to-be, the groom was allowed to “take charge of the cake”.

It seems this was largely because “there was very little wiggle room in the selections she had whittled down for me”. The Danish plastic brick extravaganza ensued.

“Having previously used [programmable robotics kit] Lego NXT and Raspberry Pi to trigger a toilet for an ice bucket challenge video, she should have seen this coming,” chortled Dan.

Youtube video of the Lego cake

Dan told us his construction was a “real treat for all the guests, engineers or not”. The wedding took place on 12 August and to “appease the hungry” cupcakes were stacked on the Lego.

We’ve asked Dan what his wife made of the cake but have yet to hear back from him. Fingers crossed.

Updated Dan staggered out of the darkness of his server room this lunchtime and confirmed the wedding went well and he is still married. ®

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