Microsoft drops OMI for Linux to GitHub

Management for Penguin-powered things, phones, and other skinny stuff

Microsoft has added another piece to its Open Management Infrastructure (OMI) jigsaw, publishing Unix/Linux code that implements the Distributed Management Task Force's (DMTF) models and standards.

The project has been running for some years under the auspices of the DMTF here.

OMI itself is already free and open source, a Common Information Model (CIM) object manager that Microsoft digested into its data centre abstraction layer.

It's designed to have small-fingerprint agents that fit on network switches, with a 250 KB base size and 1 MB memory usage in a bare-bones configuration. That means it can also be deployed for embedded/Internet of Things and mobile device management.

It also takes in the venerable WBEM (Web-based enterprise management) standards – unsurprisingly, since OMI was once the NanoWBEM project.

Microsoft's freshly-minted GitHub OMI repository provides RPM and Debian packages for x86 and x64 architecture, and lists CentOS 5 to 7, Debian 6 to 8, Oracle Linux 5 to 7, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 5 to 7, SUSE Enterprise Server 11 and 12, and Ubuntu later than 12.04 LTS as supported.

While not yet listed, the repo also hints that OS X is on the way, since one of the contributor notes refers to putting OpenSSL on OS X. ®

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