Mangstor has unleashed an NVMe TITAN over fabrics array software

Shared external access under 200 microseconds

The NVMe over fabrics array access wave is gathering strength. NVMe-over-fabrics array flasher Mangstor has introduced its TITAN NVMe over Fabric (NVMf) target software storage stack.

It integrates NVMe SSDs with Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) Network Interface Cards (NICs) to deliver accelerated application response times, storage resource sharing, tiering, scalability, and connectivity to existing SANs.

The software has storage caching, cluster management, and NIC support up to 100 Gbit/s speeds. It supports multiple fabric options, including Mellanox RoCE (Ethernet) and Infiniband, as well as Intel’s OmniPath RDMA fabric.

IT managers can deploy and dynamically provision NAND flash memory locally or remotely from clusters of NVMf storage, with centralised management via a scalable REST API and GUI tools.

Ashwin Kamath, Mangstor’s SVP for Engineering, gave a canned quote: “Accelerated application response times are the big advantage of NVMf arrays as they deliver Read and Write latencies comparable with internal PCIe SSDs. TITAN delivers sustained performance of millions of IOPS, with latencies under 200μs, and an order of magnitude better than typical FC or iSCSI interfaces - in fact, on the NX6320 2U supported platform, TITAN has been measured at up to 10x higher bandwidth and one-tenth the latency when compared to iSCSI and FC-based AFAs.”

That's the killer aspect of NVMeF arrays; they're vastly quicker access than Fibre Channel or iSCSI arrays, with Mangstor and other NVMeF suppliers hoping there are enough latency-sensitive apps out there to build demand.

Mangstor says performance scales linearly as arrays are added to its cluster, up to petabytes of capacity and hundreds of GB/sec, with consistently low latency.

The TITAN software is available for OEM customers and storage provider partners worldwide. It can be checked out at the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, August 9-11, Booth #601. Mangstor’s NX-Series Storage Arrays are available through its worldwide sales channel of distributors, resellers, system integrators and manufacturing representatives. Sales and pricing information is available by emailing ®

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