Microsemi 1m IOPS Flashtec

Microsemi has a 1 million IOPS Flashtec NVMe flash controller with DDR4 DRAM.

The NVMe2032 (32 flash channels) and NVMe2016 (16 flash channels) controllers represent Microsemi's second-generation NVMe controller technology.

The DDR4 DRAM alleviates bottlenecks and helps maximize throughput. They have low-density parity-check error correction suitable for managing 3D NAND, and a programmable architecture so OEMs can add firmware. All flash management operations are done on-chip and use negligible host processing and memory resources.

The technology has flash channel RAID, supports SLC, MLC and TLC NAND, and will support up to 20TB flash capacity using 256Gbit NAND. Eric Endebrock, storage marketing VP at Micron, offered congratulations to Microsemi; potential OEM customer there then. Product is available now. ®

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