Microsoft adds PSTN business Skyping in Australia

You'll need Office365 to take advantage of the local server

Microsoft's added Australia to the footprint of its Skype for Business PSTN conferencing feature.

The change is part of Redmond's Skype-moves-to-the-cloud that's had a mixed reception from users, and starts on September 1.

From that date, “Skype for Business PSTN Conferencing will be available in Australia via Office 365”, the company blogs.

It means someone without Skype handy will be able to join meetings using a PSTN dial-in number.

The per-user, per-month fee remains unchanged, and since The Feature Is In The Cloud, Skype-plus-PSTN conferencing doesn't need any extra on-premises kit.

Feature extension has been one of the big two reasons given for Microsoft's decision to ditch Skype's peer-to-peer model. The slow deprecation of that approach also lets Redmond reduce the number of platforms it has to build full clients for, with OS X and Linux slated to move to Web clients over time.

It's with a certain wry amusement that Vulture South notes that the rollout of the national broadband network will eventually turn every Australian PSTN phone into some kind of VoIP service ... if it's ever finished. ®

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