Liberata in £43m buyout by Japanese firm OUTSOURCING Inc

Hurrah! RICH private equity vampires have become RICHER, in BLOCK CAPITALS

OUTSOURCING Inc (OSI) – a Japanese player that does what it says on the tin – has acquired UK public sector BPO specialist Liberata for £43m.

The buyer is has spread its tentacles via more than 70 subsidiaries into outsourcing across multiple industries including engineering, manufacturing, administrative and recruiting.

Charlie Bruin, CEO at Liberata – who will remain in high office at the firm – said it was being subsumed by a group that has “ambitions to grow the company”. Phew! Revolutionary.

In yet more “no shit, Sherlock” claims, he said the process-as-a-service and “technology platform-based BPO markets” are “rapidly growing” and of course his company is “well positioned”.

Liberata sells process automation and can take over departmental functions including customer services, finance and accounting, HR and Payroll, property services, revenues and benefits and schools services.

It sells managed services including Empty Homes reviews, fraud and error reviews, business rate reviews, signed person discount and risk based review services on the government's G Cloud.

This was OSI’s chunkiest acquisition to date, said chairman and CEO Haruhiko Doi, and a big step investment in Blighty. He, like Bruin, said very little that was quotable.

The deal adds to the run of good fortune that private equity vampire – we say vampire, like there’s any other kind – Endless LLP, which picked up Liberata for £20m in 2011. Endless also oversaw the recent sale of Trustmarque to Capita for £58m, again recouping more than twice their initial outlay.

Liberata rescued Trustmarque in 2014 after it encountered serious cash flow woes. ®

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