China decrees it will grow world-class enterprise vendors by the year 2025

Huawei's rise and rise may have been just the beginning

China has decreed it will grow several more world-class, multinational enterprise technology vendors by 2025.

The executive of the Middle Kingdom's State Council met this week, and issued some new policy pronouncements along the way.

The key one for the global information technology industries is called the “Outline of National IT Development Strategy” that, as outlined in an official report on the press conference following the meeting, sets out lofty ambitions for China's adoption of technology and fostering businesses.

On the domestic front, China has set out a plan to have the world's best wireless networks. The nation wants ubiquitous 4G, even in rural areas, and 5G wherever else it can be delivered.

The plan also calls for China's domestic technology companies to achieve parity with offshore players by 2020 to increase the competitiveness of the local IT industries. Those advances will help to secure local industry, but also to build exports. By 2025, China wants some of those companies to be top-tier multinational enterprise vendors.

By mid-century, China envisages those companies will help it to have modernised itself, delivered prosperity and a force to be reckoned with in the information technology industries.

As we noted in 2014, China already has domestic ERP, database and virtualisation vendors, plus lots of joint ventures with western hardware concerns. The rise and rise of Huawei shows China can grow global players. So who would bet against the Council's edict becoming reality? ®

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