Clash of Kings hack: 1.8m hit

The forums for hit mobile game Clash of Kings have been hacked, with 1.6 million usernames, email addresses, IP addresses and access tokens swiped, apparently.

Account passwords were also taken but they were stored salted and hashed, we're told. The forums have since been taken offline for "maintenance." Clash of Kings is built by Chinese biz Elex, and has been installed on tens of millions of devices.

Security breach monitoring website LeakedSource obtained a copy of the lifted records; you can search for your username to see if you're affected – and if you are, you ought to keep an eye out for phishing emails to your registered email address, disconnect your Facebook profile from the app, and hope you don't have a weak password.

"This hack illustrates that the software industry, as a whole, needs to stay vigilant because personally identifying information continues to be targeted wherever it may live and that hackers aren’t taking the summer off," commented Ryan Wilk, NuData Security director. ®

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