Speaking in Tech: Hyperconvergence hype, Microsoft, ARM and more

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This week our intrepid podcasters Sarah, Ben and Amy dish up Silicon Valley product placements, ARM's acquisition and Microsoft’s big quarter. Their special guest this week is Jason Collier, co-founder of Scale.

The details…

  • (1:00) Scratchy Ben and Aloha Greg
  • (3:30) HPE hits Silicon Valley
  • (5:30) SoftBank waves its ARM
  • (9:32) Microsoft discovers Jevons Paradox
  • (15:44) Yahoo tumbles
  • (22:30) Blackberry may have a direction
  • (25:00) Starbucks screws porn surfers
  • (30:38) FLASHBACK: Dallas, 1978
  • (31:23) Dragging in Jason Collier
  • (37:19) Scale ramps
  • (39:45) The cloud alternative
  • (47:10) The Cleveland episode… and batteries, bread and knives
  • (49:00) ARM: Buy low, sell high
  • (50:13) Inventions don’t make a market
  • (53:15) The beginning of hyper convergence

Listen with the Reg player below, or download here.

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