Samsung spills beans on mystery username, password emails to devs

Someone pressed the wrong button in portal redesign

The whoops moment we all know so well

Weird emails from Samsung to third-party developers containing usernames and passwords had some worried that the chaebol had been hacked. But the electronics giant says it's nothing to worry about.

Earlier in the week, several Reg readers got in touch after they each received an email from Sammy titled "Your Login Information for SDP," which contained their Samsung Developer Program website username and a new password. A "login" link below this information led to a dead page, leading some to assume that there was something phishy going on.

A day later and a second email arrived, this time apologizing for the earlier missive and saying the mailing had occurred "as a result of a technical problem." Samsung said it was "doing our best to ensure it never happens again."

So far, so confusing. So we asked Samsung what was up, and it turns out there's a surprise coming for the tech goliath's third-party developers.

"Early next week, we will unveil a new developer program. While we were finalizing updates to our website related to the new program, some members of our developer network received an email from us, including a link to a new page which was not live, a few days early," the biz told The Reg in a statement.

"We quickly sent a follow up email notification to those who received this message. We would like to reassure our members that Samsung and its developer network are safe and secure and we encourage everyone to check out our new website next week."

Samsung has been making much more effort to support its developer community in the last few years, and its coder conferences are now as good as any you'll find in the industry. The new portal should have some interesting new features to continue the trend.

Developers are likely to be understanding about the small mistake. After all, there isn't a programmer alive who hasn't pressed a button, or typed a command, then had that instant "oh, nooo" moment when the realization of a cock-up comes crashing in. ®

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