By Juno! NASA delivers first new snaps from Jupiter

Probe survives first pass around gas giant and sends low-ish res snaps of the Jovian system

NASA has released the first images captured by the Juno probe.

The space agency says the image below was captured on July 10th from a distance of “4.3 million kilometers … on the outbound leg of its initial 53.5-day capture orbit.”

The probe's “JunoCam”, a colour, visible-light camera, collected the image. While it may underwhelm a little, the good news is that it apparently shows that JunoCam is performing as expected, having survived everything Jupiter's magnetosphere can throw at it to date.

First picture from Juno Mission

Juno's first postcard from Jupiter

There's more good news on the way, because NASA says higher-resolution cameras will be deployed in late August. So better pics are on the way to both Earth and your eyeballs: NASA promises it will erect a web site hosting whatever it can bring back to terra firma. ®

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