macOS, iOS betas out today

The betas of Apple's latest Mac operating system, Sierra, and mobile operating system version, iOS 10, are both available for download today.

Announced at Apple's WWDC conference in June, the latest versions have a range of new features. Apple renamed OS X to macOS and has added its digital assistant Siri to the desktop OS, dubbed Sierra. And it has redesigned iTunes, created a picture-in-picture mode for iTunes and the Safari browser, and improved its messaging app.

In short, given the risk that running a beta always brings with it, only the most dedicated fanbois are likely to find it worthwhile at this stage.

The iOS 10 beta is likely to be a little more interesting. It will improve the lock screen, allowing you to do more without having to unlock the phone. Notifications are also being expanded, as is Apple's 3D Touch.

A beta of the version of the Apple Watch operating system is also out. Maybe. Frankly, who cares? ®

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