IBM head-hunts AFP assistant commish for Canberra security biz

Ex-force cyber-boss boss of X-Force Oz

The ANU / Australian Defence Force computer security joint venture isn't off the ground yet, but it's already acting as an attractor for similar operations. Yesterday, IBM announced it's going to set up a cyber-security office in Canberra.

Ginny Rometty announced Big Blue's National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) at the company's Think Summit yesterday.

The NCSC will be more-or-less a technical sales operation: a secure facility for customers and prospects to get an inside look at IBM's X-Force Exchange, a real-time Watson-connected threat sharing platform.

Since IBM reckons its global security network responds to “20 billion events per day”, its touted cognitive abilities have already worked out how to classify every ICMP Ping as an attack, at least for the purposes of sales literature.

The new operation will also work in cooperation with IBM's existing security research facility on the Gold Coast in Queensland, the Australian Security Development Lab.

Former chief of the Australian Federal Police High Tech Crime Centre, Kevin Zuccato, has joined IBM to head up the NCSC.

Zuccato left the AFP in May, and according to Crikey, the AFP said at the time (paywalled) he was “retiring”. He first took the High Tech Crime Centre post in 2004. ®

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