Arista-scat! Possible import ban looms after US ITC decision

Infringed three out of five Cisco patents

Ethernet switch vendor Arista faces a possible import ban, after losing a key round in its ongoing patent battle with Cisco.

Since 2014, Switchzilla has been pursuing Arista, chiefly on the accusation that the upstart's command-line interface is the same as the IOS CLI.

While Arista was cleared over two patents, the ITC has found against the Ethernet switch vendor on three of the patents Cisco complained about.

Arista is now subject to a limited exclusion order and a cease-and-desist for products that infringe US patents 7,162,537, 7,200,145 and 6,741,592.

Arista's general counsel Marc Taxay says the company will comply with the orders.

It's also hoping that the current version of its EOS software is already compliant with the ITC's findings, and says it's going to seek regulatory approvals for the design-arounds.

Arista's statement includes a somewhat half-hearted promise to defend itself, but “our primary focus remains on the continued supply of products to our customers” [It's either that or go broke – Ed].

One of the patents, 7,162,537, is having some of its claims reviewed by the US Patent and Trademark Appeal Board.

Any sale ban would only come into affect on the say-so of the US Trade Representative, after a review of the decision.

Cisco has posted the ITC order here. ®

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