Red Hat CEPHalopod gets shiny new software legs

Red Hat Ceph Storage v2 has enhanced object storage capabilities.

Red Hat Ceph Storage 2, based on the Ceph Jewel release, has global object storage clusters, which provide a single namespace and data synchronization between clusters operating in multiple regions. There is improved security via integration with Active Directory, LDAP, and OpenStack Identity (Keystone) v3.

Enhanced Amazon S3 and OpenStack Object Storage (Swift) compatibility has been added, including support for AWS Signatures v4 client, object versioning, and bulk deletes. It has Red Hat Storage Console 2, with a redesigned and streamlined user interface.

Red Hat also announced a tech preview of CephFS, a POSIX-compliant file system that uses a Ceph storage cluster to store its data and can be used with the OpenStack Manila service. Ceph Storage 2 is scheduled for availability this summer. ®

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