Nimbus Data CEO shoots from the hip at NetApp's SolidFire buy

Deadpan SolidFire boss ain't taking no crap, though

Nimbus Data CEO Thomas Isakovich thinks NetApp's purchase of SolidFire is its final great mistake.

He told us: “SolidFire’s poor density and egregiously high energy consumption violate the very customers they are trying to appeal to: cloud builders that have to pay for data center rack space and power bills. We suspect that the real issue is that SolidFire’s deduplication and compression algorithms are grossly inefficient, requiring excessive CPU and RAM resources to operate.

“As SSD capacity grows,” continued Isakovich, “CPU and RAM resources need to grow proportionally, and SolidFire has been unable to keep up, forcing them to use smaller SSDs.”

"It’s a clear case where inefficient software and generic non-optimized servers conspire to create the most inefficient flash array on the market, ironically marketed to the very customers that care about efficiency the most. This is why we believe NetApp’s acquisition of SolidFire will prove to be its final great mistake," he conluded.

We asked NetApp if it had any response, and SolidFire boss Dave Wright was brief: “We'll let our success in the largest service providers and enterprises in the world speak for itself.” ®

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