Woah: NetApp is number two in the all-flash market, says IDC

First quarter 2016 numbers show firm climbing past Pure, HPE and IBM

NetApp makes others look like clowns. Geddit? Oh, never mind

NetApp is now second in the all-flash array market, according to IDC numbers we have been given.

The numbers are for vendor revenues and the first quarter of 2016. The figures show NetApp having $181.1m revenues and a 22.8 per cent share, second to EMC’s $245.6m and 30.9 per cent share.

It grew its all-flash business 238 per cent from the first 2015 quarter to the first 2016 quarter.

In so doing, NetApp has leap-frogged past IBM, HPE and Pure.

In turn Pure has climbed up the ranks, being third behind NetApp with $139.9m revenues and a 15 per cent share. HPE is fourth at $98.6m and 12.4 per cent with IBM fifth at $67.4m and 8.5 per cent. No other supplier numbers are broken out in the numbers we have seen.

Here’s a chart:


If this is more than a single quarter's oddity then NetApp has returned to industry prominence with a vengeance while IBM has some serious thinking to do.

Those great white teeth you can see in the distance? They come from NetApp’s monumental, monster, shit-eating, told you so, grin. ®

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