Apple App Store adds ads

Apple is making some changes to its App Store ahead of next week's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco.

Revenue from an iOS app is split 70-30 with the developer and Apple, respectively. Under the shakeup, that will change to 85-15 after an app's spent its first year in the online store. This will apply to all apps and subscriptions, not just new software.

Subscription prices can be changed for new subscribers while keeping long-term subscribers on a different price. Searching for apps will be made a smoother ride with the categories tab making a comeback.

Crucially, Apple will allow developers to advertise their wares in search results in the store – which is a little eyebrow-raising given the ad-blocking hooks in Safari on iOS 9. Apple is OK for you to be anti-web-ads, but its own ads are OK. The paid-for search results will roll out in the summer as a beta. ®

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