Systemd kills Deb processes

Debian's systemd (system daemon) has acquired a default config that nobody likes: it kills running processes on logout.

The result, as detailed in a bug report that surfaced on Slashdot, is that long-running processes are killed.

Since a capable Linux user would treat this as normal behaviour – why sit there watching a screen when there's nothing happening, it's unwelcome.

“It is now indeed the case that any background processes that were still running are killed automatically when the user logs out of a session, whether it was a desktop session, a VT session, or when you SSHed into a machine,” Debianer Guus Sliepen writes.

“Now you can no longer expect a long running background processes to continue after logging out. I believe this breaks the expectations of many users.”

The change hasn't made it past the “unstable” release yet, and the lively discussion that followed Sliepen's bug report suggests to Vulture South that the default behaviour won't last. ®

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