MySpace 'passwords dump'

Zillions of usernames and SHA-1 hashed passwords for accounts on social networking relic MySpace have been swiped from the site's databases and leaked online, apparently.

LeakedSource claims that it has obtained records for hundreds of millions of accounts from someone called The passwords have not been salted so it's trivial to crack the weaker ones.

It's not particularly clear how many accounts have been compromised. LeakedSource says it has records for 360 million users. Of those, more than 111 million have usernames attached to them, and 68 million have a secondary password. LeakedSource is not disclosing full passwords for specific accounts.

The disclosure does not specify which accounts are still active, as MySpace has been largely derelict as a social network for years and only functions today as a music portal. MySpace ignored our attempts to extract comment from it. ®

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