Hate Windows 10? Microsoft's given you 'Insider' powers anyway

Redmond's Feedback Hub is now open to all Windows 10 users

Microsoft has opened its Feedback Hub to all users of Windows 10.

Feedback Hub is an app that lets you send Redmond “... feedback about Windows and apps by sharing your suggestions or problems..”

Until the weekend, Feedback Hub was only available to members of the Windows Insider program, that band of hardy Windows-lovers who are offered previews of new Windows 10 builds in return for being probed, monitored and offered the chance to “participate in feedback Quests”, whatever they are.

Insiders still get those perks, but are no longer the only ones permitted to use Feedback Hub. The rest of us now get the same complaints hotline Insiders have enjoyed for ages.

Microsoft says Windows 10 is now running on 300 million devices and has previously said there are about five million Insiders. Which means plenty more people now have the chance to tell Microsoft just what they think of Windows 10. The Register suspects the tenor of comments from the newly-empowered population may differ markedly from the Insiders' opinions. The Insiders are, after all, a self-selecting group who signed up for the wild ride that is previews deemed unfit for production. The rest of us have just been given what we are told is good for us and may therefore have rather different opinions about Windows 10. ®

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