Troll seeks toll because iPhones work

Make a phone call, breach a patent

Apple, your iPhones are making phone calls so we're suing you: that's the substance of the latest round of patent-trolling attempt against Cupertino.

The patent accumulator in the case is Texas-based Corydoras Technologies (its filing explains that it's a subsidiary of Japanese company Anubias Technologies).

Its sueball covers every iPad back to 2, and iPhones newer than 4.

The patents covered by the lawsuit are 7,778,664, 7,945,236, 7,945,287, 7,996,037, 8,024,009, and 8,731,540.

All of the patents are some trivial variation on “communication device”, variously with the ability to make phone calls, video calls, send messages, take photographs and other characteristics that are fundamental to smart phones.

The patents name Iwao Fujisaki as the inventor, have filing dates from 2006 to 2010, and priority dates in 2001.

Let's quote from the trollsuit for a moment:

“Apple’s Accused iPhones and Accused iPads are capable of voice communication. For example, the Accused iPhones are made and sold with the capability to be used in telephone calls and FaceTime Audio calls”.

Call blocking and FindMyPhone get the same treatment. Proving yet again that if the law is an ass, patent law attracts Sir Mixalot fans. ®

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