123-Reg has another PITSTOP

Email brownout turns customers' faces red

Embattled UK web hosting company 123-Reg has wobbled again.

This time the company has experienced a Partial Inability to Support Optimal Performance (PITSTOP) of its email systems and of some servers.

The latter problem occurred on May 16th and saw some servers taken offline.

“We have been able to resolve the main part of the outage for the majority of customers,” the company says. “Our teams are continuing to work incredibly hard to restore those services still affected. Our support teams are now working directly with individual customers and thus status updates will not be made to this page.”

The email problem hit on the 17th and saw mail fail for about two hours. As the Twitter exchange below shows, the company says no emails should be lost.

El Reg reader “Dave” wrote about the new PITSTOPs said “I vave never had the pleasure of working with such an incompetent shower in my life (and that is REALLY saying something).”

Dave's ire is likely due to the fact this is 123-Reg's second incident in a month. In April, the company managed to lose tens of virtual servers, leaving customers without backup and with only an offer of six months free hosting as comfort. ®

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