Bots half all web traffic

Just under half of all web traffic is bots and crawlers, according to a new report.

DeviceAtlas analyzed all the data received from its customers (the company provides analytics on website visitors) and concluded that 48 per cent of the "people" landing on websites were in fact search engine crawlers, content scrapers and hacker bots.

"We used to think of bots as passive ambient noise," said CTO of DotMobi, Ronan Cremin, a sister company to DeviceAtlas. "That's now changed to the point where they actually interact with the sites they visit and mimic human traffic exactly."

So what? Well all those fake visitors are costing websites money, according to the report, and also slowing your site response rate. The solution? To purchase DeviceAtlas' analytics software of course and use it to filter out non-human traffic. Everyone wins. ®

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