Nvidia NVLink deep-dive

Our sister website, The Next Platform, has a detailed dive into Nvidia's NVLink technology – describing it as "transformative as SMP was for CPUs to GPU accelerators."

NVLink glues Nvidia's high-speed number-crunching graphics chips to general-purpose processors, accelerating the rate supercomputers and other big machines can rattle through complex mathematical problems – such as performing weather and nuclear-weapon simulations.

"NVLink connections at 40 GB/sec are obviously 2.5X faster than PCI-Express links at 16 GB/sec," notes The Next Platform's Timothy Prickett Morgan.

"The assumption Nvidia is making is that connecting the GPUs so they can share memory and data is more important than passing data back and forth between the CPUs and GPUs, which will also happen thanks to the unified memory space implemented in the CUDA 8 environment." ®

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