Virty upstart PernixData spills beans after going cap in hand to investors

Latest quarter above target with customer count north of 800, we're told

We're being told PernixData is encountering funding issues and people have been laid off.

PernixData, which has developed VMware distributed hypervisor caching, has received a total of US$62m in funding: $35 million in 2014, $20m in 2013, and $7m in its founding 2012 year.

The company, however, is looking for a UI test engineer in San Jose, and there are 19 open job slots on the company's hiring page.

Jeff Aaron, PernixData's VP for marketing, said: "We are in the final stages of closing an additional round of financing, which we cannot talk about until finalised. Any insinuation that we are running out of money in July is libelous.

"Last week we closed our quarter above target and we just passed the 800 customer mark, so things are trending in a nice direction.

"We recently added over a dozen new field personnel to handle future sales demand. ... This is part of the growth plan being put in place by our new chief revenue officer, Mike Munoz, who is scaling the business as efficiently as possible. This plan also involves minor restructuring, to which we did make some small changes to the sales organization recently. In aggregate, though, the sales team has actually grown recently, not shrunk."

So take that, PernixData naysayers. ®

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